North River Exotic Birds Welcome to our Iowa Farm
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We are Scott & Debbie Thomsen from rural Iowa.  We started our exotic pheasant, waterfowl and poultry farm
several years ago.  We have thoroughly enjoyed the many phases of raising and breeding beautiful pheasants,
Sebastopol Geese, Mandarin ducks, Blue India, pure white and pied Peacocks.  We free range all our birds
except our pheasants.  We have carefully built our stock by researching linage from very reputable breeders.

Our pheasant collection consist of: Temminck Tragopans, Satyr tragopans, and Cabot Tragopans.  
We also breed Red Golden pheasants (F3) and Lady Amherst and finally, our Brown Eareds.

The waterfowl and peacocks are Debbie's projects.  Currently, we breed Pure White peafowl, India Blue, Black
Shoulder and Pied.   Our waterfowl: Sebastopol Geese and beautiful Mandarin Ducks.

Our birds are fed a balanced diet consisting of pellet, sawflower, sunflower and cracked corn in the winter
months.  We offer fresh vegetables and fruit year around.   
Scott has spent endless hours building beautiful aviaries and runs for the birds.   Together, we work very
hard to keep everyone safe and healthy.

Temminck Tragopans - Beautiful, Friendly, excellent Breeders.

Cabot Tragopans:

Very rare and hard to
find. This is such a
beautiful pheasant.
Very hardy, great
personalities, Good

The Satyr Trag is a
stunning deep orange
with a black mask.  All
of our Tragopans have
such friendly
Incredibly hardy and

This is a brown eared
pheasant. These birds
are curious, comical
birds that make a
barking sound when
they see us coming.  
They are a large
pheasant that will sit
on your lap and eat
from their feed dish.

The red Golden
Pheasant is a fun bird
to own.  They are a
good choice for
beginner breeders.  
The hen will lay 20+
eggs each spring.  We
typically pull the eggs
and incubate them for
17 days.  The chicks
then begin hatching
like popcorn. Hardy,
great personality, easy
to raise.

The Lady Amherst is
another beautiful bird that
would make a great
beginner for those who is
interested in breeding.  
We currently have a trio
of Lady Amherst.  This
breed seems to be
everyone's favorite.